Mike O'Brien
Solution Architect
Passionate engineer focused on continuous improvement. Interested in automation, testing and design principles that lead to easily maintainable, reliable and sustainable software.
Work Experience
Solution Architect
RLI Insurance 2019 to Present
Senior Software Developer
Reachmail 2008 to 2019
Senior Software Developer
Sentric HR 2015 to 2017
Senior Consultant
Triton Tek 2007 to 2008
Senior Software Architect
Emerge Digital 2005 to 2007
Application Developer
Payroll Solutions 2001 to 2005
RHI Consulting 2000 to 2001
Application Developer
WTBTS 1997 to 2000
TDD SOLID DRY DI CI/CD Loose coupling Continuous refactoring Favor composition over inheritance
Open Source
HID Library (github.com/mikeobrien/HidLibrary)
Library that enables communication with HID compatible USB devices in .NET.
TDMS Reader (github.com/mikeobrien/TDMSReader)
National Instruments TDMS File Reader for .NET.
Gribble (github.com/mikeobrien/Gribble)
Gribble is a simple, Linq enabled ORM that was designed to work with dynamically created tables.
Swank (github.com/mikeobrien/swank)
RESTful API Documentation for ASP.NET Web API 2.
Bender (github.com/mikeobrien/Bender)
Xml and json serializer for .NET