Based on Tomas Petricek's instructions here and here.

  1. Download and install Mono for Mac here (Open the .dmg and run the .pkg):
  2. Download and install MonoDevelop for Mac here:
  3. Download, unzip and install F# for Mac here:
  4. Install the F# MonoDevelop language bindings
    1. In MonoDevelop, click Tools | Add-in Manager and click the "Install Add-ins..." button.
    2. Next click the "Repositories..." button, then the "Add" button.
    3. Make sure the "Register and on-line repository" radio button is selected and enter and click "OK".

    4. Close out of the "Add-in Repository Management" dialog, expand the "Language bindings" node, check the "F# Language Binding..." and click "Forward".

    5. Click through default options in the add-in installation and restart MonoDevelop after it completes.
    6. Now you should see the F# project and file templates when creating new file or project.