I have been struggling all week trying to get a client created with the NetBeans 6.5.1 IDE to communicate with a WCF service using the wsHttpBinding. The symptoms were that it would connect and just hang when I made the soap call. I took a look at the message that was being sent across the wire and I noticed that JAX-WS was not sending the WS-Addressing headers. So after much searching and hitting the Metro message board and gave up and moved onto something else. While I was working on that something else I happened to look at the "port" factory method on the proxy that's generated by wsimport and noticed that you could pass multiple "WebServiceFeature"s, one of which was one for WS-Addressing! Passed that in and voila, it worked! Here is an example:

try { // Call Web Service Operation
    yada.SystemService service = new yada.SystemService();
    yada.Sys port = service.getYadaSystem(new AddressingFeature(true, true));
    // TODO process result here
    yada.VersionInfo result = port.getVersion();
    System.out.println("Result = "+result);
} catch (Exception ex) {

You can read more about this class here. I have no idea why wsimport doesent just bake this into the proxy as the policy in the WSDL clearly states that it uses WS-Addressing by way of the UsingAddressing element. Strange...